Acceptable Use Policy
Read the Jackson County Schools Policy 2022...

MacBook Support
Find out how to have your MacBook repaired/replaced, return it, or pick one up.

iPad Support
Find out how to have your iPad repaired/replaced, return it, or pick one up.

Device Agreement
All families must complete the form for the 2020-2021 school year.


Digital Learning Toolkit
Learn about the different digital tools students use from the classroom and home.

Family Tech Academy
Discover resources, information, and free training for families.

Frequently Asked Technology Questions
Find answers to the most common technical support questions.

Frequently Used Links
Find the most popular links for tools and resources.

Online Safety
Find information and resources to keep your family safe online.

Privacy & Data
Find out what student data JCS collects and how we protect student privacy.

If you are having trouble with your MacBook/iPad, you should:

💬Tell your teacher(s)💬

📫Complete the Student Help Desk Form for your school (Middle and High School), it's located on your student Canvas Course. You can also send an email by clicking on this  TECHNOLOGY HELP DESK LINK 📫

👣If your device isn't working properly or needs to be repaired, complete the Technology Help Desk form for your school to get the problem resolved. A loaner device may need to be assigned to you until your device is fixed. You will be contacted once your request is submitted via the Technology Help Desk form.👣

If you are having questions about a lesson, assignment, and activities, you should:

💭Ask your teacher(s)💭